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History of the Band

Formed in the 1980's in Darragh Cross, near Crossgar, County Down, Darragh Folk has gone through many musical reincarnations but remains committed to its own brand of trad Irish folk (Ceilidh) and progressive acoustic roots World music (singalong). They have performed live throughout Northern Ireland at festivals, concerts, pubs, stables and the back of a trailer and are regular visitors to Holland where they have a small but discerning fan club. They have produced three albums, "Come A Long Way" (2000), "Hand Crafted" (2002) and “Foot Notes” (2007)

Their major influences are legendary traditional artists like Dubliners, Planxty and Westlife as well as modern heavyweight folk rock pioneers like Van Morrison, Saw Doctors and Foster & Allen, although they throw in lots of other surprises in a varied set
  The Current Band Line-up

Lead vocalist and Val Doonican lookalike Peter Murray was born into a musical family. As a child he learned traditional songs on his grandmother's knee until she got the tattoos removed. He formed his own group in the 1980's because no other band would take him. Recently went nine rounds with a local heavyweight Mickey McClements. Drank him under the table.

Madonna Jones says her inspiration to perform music live across the country has been her husband Gerry who is always offering encouragement. In fact every time she picks up the whistle he says “If you’re going to play that thing, get out of here” Her words of advice to any would-be whistler is "Blow down one end and move your fingers about over the holes".

Guitarist Ian Clarke is a gifted picker but what would you expect with a nose that size to practice on. His two greatest ambitions are to meet Dolly Parton. He has a wide taste and loves Pavarotti although he says it gives him heartburn.

Fiddler Clodagh Oakes comes from a classical background and years of disciplined, formal training. However, since joining Darragh Folk she has learned to play fast and loose. Nowadays Clodagh plays an expensive custom made electric perspex fiddle which she carries everywhere in a fancy big white box with wheels - a Merecdes Benz Coupe.

Bassist Brian "Baby Face" McCoy was a founder member of 60's showbands "The Sizzling Sausages" and "Curly McCoy and the Knee Tremblers". Brian's mother played the spoons and he quickly learned to accompany her on the knife and fork before he took up the bass guitar as a form of self defence. A few years ago he entered into negotiations to buy a banjo but later pulled out because there were strings attached.

Future Ambitions

Darragh Folk have applied for status as an endangered species and are currently trying to sell film rights to their biography entitled "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Philosopher's Goblet of Secrets". As well as relieving world poverty, recycling wine bottles and finding a cure for Television Gardening programmes, Darragh Folk hope one day to have carbon neutral lifestyles in the Bahamas.
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